Handwriting Analysis

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What can you change about your handwriting to make you more successful, happy, and/or stable?

Exactly how would an examination of something as simple as handwriting assist you?

How do you know if a handwriting analysis would be of any benefit to you personally?

And of course in these financially challenging times, we have to consider the cost factor against the true functional need
of an investigation such as a handwriting analysis.

Price list for a verbal analysis

1) Individual . . . $25.00
2) Compatibility . . . $60.00
3) Signature Analysis Individual . . . $15.00
4) Signature Analysis Compatibility . . . $40.00
5) Genealogy . . . All prices are the same as above for the type of reading wanted.
(please add $5.00 if you would like me to record your session for any of these consultations)

What is Genealogy?

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If you decide on a verbal analysis your consultation will be conducted via telephone. It will be your responsibility to place the call to my office. I am not affiliated with any type of 900-line. So any long distance charges will incur as normal rates on your long distance billing service.

I need only a sample of a persons handwriting to translate and assist you in understanding more about a persons nature.

I can assess and evaluate
Your Writing
Your Mate’s or Potential Mates
A Child’s
Boss – Potential Employees
Family Member – Friends

If they can write, I can can run an analogy!

Simply click on any of the graphic links below to learn how an analysis can be of benefit for you or your business!

Why does The Handwriting Lady offer such reasonable rates?

Jenifer’s spiritual path, BIO, and maybe even a few words to heal for you!

Following are the questions I hope to answer for you through my little location on the World Wide Web.

I consider this my virtual classroom!
And I love to share & teach!

Now on with other questions also known as
“food for thought!”…

However, I don’t expect you to just accept these enlightening beliefs from my words or testimonials alone.
I have had over 20 years of experiences and wisdom that have helped me to see, that yes… we really can modify and enhance our lives, begin to heal, remedy emotional and characteristic dilemmas through what some may call “unseen” “unproven” “simple” and sometimes even considered unproven tactics!

…I disagree…

I blend my personal life experiences, those intense lessons directly from the school of hard knocks to move forward & onward in hopes of supporting others in making the necessary changes that will enhance & enlighten their lives.

My ability to decipher and decode handwriting, I certainly consider a gift. This is one of the reasons why my rates are remarkably low priced. I have been blessed with an extra insight into people since I was 10!

However, on hindsight, I have to admit I didn’t realize it was a gift nor anything special at all. Before you take off… take some time to read my BIO. You may find something there… often called coincidence that you can relate to on a personal level!

After all, isn’t that why we are supposedly here?