I have only been a make-up artist for a short time and have already been published several times, including internationally. Such publications include, Ikon Magazine, Dark Parlour, Imperial Magazine, and Frame Magazine.

My first concern is skin sensitivity and skin care. Beautiful skin results in flawless make up. Most of my products are gluten free, sulfate free, perfume free, paraben free, and vegan friendly. I want your make up to feel light and not cakey.

Every day I meet women who want just a touch of elegance. I love to provide that for them. Many women forget how beautiful they truly are. I love assisting in enhancing their natural beauty to make them feel amazing.

Basic Pricing

Basic make up application $40
Facial $40
Facial and make up $65
Pre prom or pre wedding make up try out $35 (no skin care)
Pre prom or pre wedding makeup with skin care ( best option for optimal make up application) $70 ( usually includes a weeks samples to ensure best skin for big day)
Brides maids $50 each with 5 bridesmaids bride is free
Bridal and prom make up $60
Bridal and prom facial and make up $90

Some Examples

My favorite jobs for clients are photoshoots. I love the way they challenge me. I love the exotic looks with blue lips and lots of eye liner as well as a simple natural look.

Boudoir makeup is so much fun. Watching women come out of their shells for the first time to find their power, knowing they are gorgeous and working it for the camera.

I love the excitement of prom and wedding make up. The gowns. Oh the gowns. So exquisite! So much fun to see the entire look come together.

Fashion shows and runways are full of excitement and very fast paced. So many faces, so little time! But when it’s done, it’s amazing to watch the results on that catwalk.

Dark Parlour Magazine June 2015


Some of my published MUA spreads March 2015


Ikon Magazine Febrary 2015


Dark Parlour Magazine December 2014


Imperial Magazine September 2014